8 Superpowers Every Dancer Has

April 7, 2019

Dancers are more than just talented: They might actually be superheroes. Don’t believe us? Here are eight superpowers every dancer has.

Super Speed

Have you seen our petit allégro? Plus, we’ve got the ability to change costumes so fast no one in the audience even notices we’re not onstage!

Super Flexibility

Elastigirl is quaking in her (stretchy) boots!

Super Strength

We don’t just lift people above our heads—we do so in the most graceful way.

Super Multitasking

Some people can do two things at once, but dancers can do so much more than that. Balancing rehearsals, performances, school work, friends, and home life? We’ve got it covered.

Super Balance

The superpower that lets us keep turning and turning and turning…

Super Endurance

Think no human being could possibly make it through a two-hour show of nonstop dancing? Think again.

Super Versatility

We’re basically shape-shifters onstage—which you know if you’ve ever seen us go directly from an upbeat tap number into the most angsty lyrical piece.

Super Flight

Well, maybe not literally…but some of us get darn close!