Dancers: The Best Models

March 1, 2012

Today I came across this lovely photo of American Ballet Theatre’s Misty Copeland:

Beautiful, right? And though this image has nothing to do with dance, it’s so clear that Misty is a dancer. She has thought about every aspect of this pose; like all good dancers, she has an uncanny sense of bodily awareness. And she has as strong a presence here as she does onstage. She makes you want to keep looking. (This photo, by the way, is part of the fantastic EmpoweredME campaign, a pictorial tribute to those who have fought or are currently fighting cancer. Check it out.)

I’ll admit that I’m a little biased—I like to think that dancers are better at everything. But it really does seem as if dancers’ unique talents  make them natural models. And it certainly doesn’t hurt that they have some of the best bodies out there.

It seems to work the other way around, too: DS recently posted about models who also dance.