Dancers Travel 3,000 Miles to Lend a Helping Hand

January 25, 2013

In many parts of the country, it’s easy to forget about Hurricane Sandy. After all, it’s been three months; Haven’t they fixed everything on the East Coast already? The short answer is, No. Many are still struggling to rebuild their lives. And we love hearing stories about those from near and far who’ve reached out to those in need.

Recently, dancers from Dance Explosion Studio in Washington State traveled all the way across the country to NYC’s Steps on Broadway to help out. They offered a free dance class to students from Mrs. Rosemary’s Studio on Staten Island, which was flooded by the hurricane. Families from Mrs. Rosemary’s also received Target gift cards and were treated to a performance of “Stomp” off-Broadway! Sounds like a great escape from the devastation back home.

Click here to watch a broadcast about the event on NY1. 

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