Dancin' in the Rain

October 29, 2012

Most of us on the East Coast are still hunkered down trying to get through the last few hours of Superstorm Sandy. For those of you dealing with serious flooding, wind damage and power outages, our thoughts are with you.

But for the lucky ones—the ones who’ve just been cooped up inside for a while and are going stir-crazy—we have a little something to brighten your day.

Whenever a major storm like this hits, and news networks cover it for hours/days at a time, it’s pretty much inevitable that a bunch of blockheads will show up behind the rain-spattered reporters in the field, hoping for a few seconds of local-TV fame. There was no shortage of those kinds of attention hogs yesterday. But a few crazies in Atlantic City took video-bombing to a different—and dancier—level, and it was kind of…wonderful? Maybe. Entertaining? definitely. (Smart? Definitely not.)

Check out the AC dancer dudes below. Stay safe, everyone!