Reason #9475096 Why Everyone Should Dance: It Makes You a Better Athlete

February 19, 2018

You and I both know that dancing is the best thing since chocolate chip cookies! But its always nice when dance gets the recognition it deserves from non–dance-world peeps. That’s why we did our own happy dance when we saw Shape magazine’s article on how dancing can actually make you a better athlete.

The piece emphasizes the physical benefits of dance, which include increased flexibility, coordination, and endurance, as well as its mental benefits, like social connections and an added awareness of one’s surroundings. (Tell us something we don’t know 😉 .) Add the fact that dance sets rigorous exercise to the motivation-boosting sounds of Tchaikovsky or Beyoncé, and it’s no wonder athletes are getting better results in their own sports after giving the dance floor a try.

So don’t be too surprised if you see an Olympian walk into your studio. After all, their gold medal may only be one dance class away.