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These 5 Olympics Sports Have a Lot in Common with Dance

Tokyo 2020 may have just wrapped up, but we’re still not completely over the hype…and might already be excited for the next Olympic chapter. Breakdancing is hitting the Olympics stage in Paris 2024, marking the first time that dance has explicitly been part of the world’s biggest sporting event. In a way, though, dance has […]

Reason #9475096 Why Everyone Should Dance: It Makes You a Better Athlete

You and I both know that dancing is the best thing since chocolate chip cookies! But its always nice when dance gets the recognition it deserves from non–dance-world peeps. That’s why we did our own happy dance when we saw Shape magazine’s article on how dancing can actually make you a better athlete. The piece […]

When Top Choreographers Make Touchdown Dances…

…Everybody wins! The Wall Street Journal recently recruited three of our favorite choreographers to create touchdown dances for NFL stars (because why the heck not), and the results are straight-up hilarious. To say more would honestly just spoil the fun, so give this vid a watch—because Charlie and the Chocolate Factory‘s Joshua Bergasse, Come From […]

This Olympic Skater Loves "La La Land" As Much As We Do

Have you ever desperately wanted to do your competition solo to that music? You know, the song that gives you goosebumps in the best way possible, sends your dancer’s heart soaring—and for those same reasons is pretty much guaranteed to be used by a million other comp kids? 3-time US national champion figure skater Ashley […]

Watch ESPN Realize That Dance Is Hard

This won’t come as a surprise to dancers: New data from ESPN Sports Science shows that the stamina required to get through one performance of The Lion King on Broadway is equal to that of other professional athletes playing sports. We love seeing athletes get goofy with their more graceful counterparts but we have to admit, we’re surprised […]

PNB Dancers Lose a Bet, Absolutely Win at Life

We don’t generally think of ballet directors as “fun.” But Peter Boal, artistic director of Seattle’s Pacific Northwest Ballet, has broken the mold. In fact, a recent YouTube video proves that he is possibly the most fun, most good-spirited, most trash-talkiest AD out there. But I’m getting ahead of myself. And the award for Best […]

Ricky Ubeda Is Even Good at Throwing Things

We’ve talked and talked and talked about sports guys getting their dance on. But what about the dancers who stand out in the world of sports? Last year we told you about Michael Morris Jr., who earned a $2,500 college scholarship after killing it in a football toss competition. And this weekend, “So You Think You […]

This Kid Did Not Stop ’Til He Got Enough

It’s been a big year for sports and dance. There was the Miami City Ballet/Miami Heat photo campaign… Patricia Delgado and Dwyane Wade (courtesy MCB) …the Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake “Evolution of End Zone Dancing” video… …that time former baseball star Mike Piazza performed with Miami City Ballet… (courtesy New York Daily News) …that […]