This Olympic Skater Loves "La La Land" As Much As We Do

July 8, 2017

Have you ever desperately wanted to do your competition solo to that music? You know, the song that gives you goosebumps in the best way possible, sends your dancer’s heart soaring—and for those same reasons is pretty much guaranteed to be used by a million other comp kids? 3-time US national champion figure skater Ashley Wagner knows that feel—and she’s choosing to perform to music from “La La Land”—the danciest movie musical in a long time—anyway.

According to Rocker Skating’s short documentary on the skater’s prep for next year’s Winter Olympics, Wagner knew while she was still sitting in the movie theater that she had to skate her long program to “Audition,” that raw, heartbreaking ode to making art and being an artist. (Familiar territory for us dancers, obvi.)

Yes, I know figure skating and dance are completely different. But if you’re still obsessed with “La La Land,” or in need of some inspo to chase away the #SundayScaries, give this short doc a look. Wagner and her choreographer discuss SO MUCH that will hit you right in the feels: never giving up on your dreams (no matter what haters say), the magic of putting together movement that really speaks to you and most importantly, leaving it all on the stage—or, in this case, on the ice. And next year, keep an eye out for Wagner and the rest of Team USA at the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea!