Watch ESPN Realize That Dance Is Hard

November 3, 2016

This won’t come as a surprise to dancers: New data from ESPN Sports Science shows that the stamina required to get through one performance of The Lion King on Broadway is equal to that of other professional athletes playing sports.

We love seeing athletes get goofy with their more graceful counterparts but we have to admit, we’re surprised that people still don’t realize how difficult it is to dance professionally. Even with dance front and center in pop culture, there are still people out there who want to diminish its athleticism.

ESPN’s angle is more amazed than shady, and we’re happy to see the numbers back up what every dancer knows to be true. For example, ensemble member India Bolds travels farther during a show than NBA MVP and Golden State Warriors point guard Stepen Curry does during a game. She also has an aerobic capacity similar to elite soccer players! That’s right, #weslay.

Check out the video for more amazing facts:


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