"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 10, Week 5 Elimination

April 20, 2010

 Dance Spirit’
s top ten moments from last night’s results show:

10. Niecy’s reaction to her score

“Len, I shook everything my mama gave me in your face, and I still got a six? What the heck!”

9. Len’s comment about Kate’s performance

“This is “Dancing with the Stars,” not strolling with the stars.”

8. Derek’s excitement

Derek was so excited about his tango performance he practically tackled the chair. He’s so precious.

7. Jake and Chelsie’s performance

Jake and Chelsie were the couple chosen to dance again, and boy did we get a show. Poor Chelsie’s costume was a disaster—I’m pretty sure she almost lost one of her breast cups about five times. But, of course, she just acted like it was no biggie—just one of the many reasons we adore her.

6. Maxwell and dancers

Welcome Miss Legs, a.k.a. Tyne Stecklein, and the hunky Teddy Forance. I’m sorry Maxwell, but your dancers definitely stole the show. They made my night.

5. Marguerite Derricks and Debbie Allen’s Choreo

What a fun performance—it gave us just a little bit of everything. We especially loved the Austin Powers number by Derricks.

4. Debi Nova

Random, but kind of spicy…I think I liked it? I’m sure Debi loved being surrounded by the four hunky professionals shaking their stuff.

3. Costume Designing

I cannot wait for next week—I have a feeling that the costumes are going to be amazing! I can’t imagine (nor do I want to) what Chad has in mind for Cheryl.

2. Congratulations America, Kate is gone!!!

Enough said.

1. Tony saves the day

We love him. Despite everything he has had to put up with from Kate, he still jumped in to save her when she was all choked up. Now that’s what we call a quality guy.