"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 10, Week 5

April 19, 2010

I have to admit, I’ve never been too emotionally connected to “Dancing with the Stars,” but after last night’s show, I’m as passionate as they come about my favorites and my not-so-favorites (cough, cough, Kate Gosselin). When they first announced that it was movie night, I was skeptical. But as it turns out, some of the choreographers (I heart Chelsie Hightower) actually did a great job with the theme and really made the evening entertaining. Here’s a quick recap of last night’s performances.


1. Niecy and Louis dancing the jive.

Oh my gosh—she is hilarious! To be completely honest, I couldn’t have cared less about how scary her feet were, because her personality just takes over. And Louis, will you please spin me around the floor? I’m sure my husband won’t mind. Throughout their routine I couldn’t stop smiling, and Niecy smooching Len’s head at the end was amazing. The judges felt she really put her personality into the dance but that she needed more bounce in her feet and it lacked the necessary sharpness.

Score: 18

2. Chad and Cheryl dancing the quick step.

I’m by no means a ballroom expert, but I’ll take a wild guess and say that the quick step is supposed to be, oh I don’t know, quick? It was slow, dull and definitely not their best performance. And the “lovers quarrel” during rehearsal—awkward. The judges felt it was a bit too wild and that the hold and frame were terrible. And please Chad, quit it with the innuendos.

Score: 18

3. Erin and Maks dancing the jive.

I must say I was pretty impressed. She definitely rocked that short blonde wig. Then again, Maks is a hunk and I’d want to dance my best for him, too! But, she did have a little bit of a struggle getting into the splits at the end. The judges liked and felt it was their best dance yet. But please, Erin, don’t wear black shoes ever again!

Score: 22

4. Jake and Chelsie dancing the cha cha.

I’ve got to be honest, I love me some Risky Business! And I love Chelsie. For a second I wondered if Jake was really going to dance the whole thing in his skivvies. Thank goodness he put his pants on! Even though his feet were a little sloppy, the two of them together were hot, hot, hot!  I wonder what Vienna thinks of her man dancing with Chelise…  Bruno summed it up for the judges when he said, “ You cheeky bugger, why did you put your pants on?”

Score: 23

5. Pamela and Damian dancing the quick step.

Pam was so Dolly Parton in that dress and she looked adorable—so classy. It seemed a little slow for the quickstep at times, but the up and over the table at the end was amazing. The judges felt their characterization was spot on, but that the hold was a little “loosey goosey.”

Score: 21

6. Kate and Tony dancing the foxtrot.

Oh poor Tony. You would think Kate, being in her thirties, would know The Breakfast Club. Apparently not. When Tony tried to get her to do the signature Breakfast Club swimming move, she sarcastically asked, “Are we swimming or are we dancing?” Are you the choreographer Kate? I don’t think so (thank goodness!). And was she really chewing gum and yawning during rehearsal? It was painful. I’m at a loss. And Kate, what were you wearing? You looked like a melted, pink ice cream cone. The judges called it a stroll around the floor and totally Charlie Brown (wha wha wha). We agree.

Score: 15

7. Nicole and Derek dancing the tango.

It was sharp. It was precise. It was hot. Yes, I loved it—just in case you were wondering. “Pretty Woman” was perfect for Nicole! I couldn’t stop thinking, “Now that’s how it’s done.” The judges called it the best dance of the season so far. Carrie Ann even gave them a little “superstar” dance and the audience gave them a standing ovation. Congrats to Nicole and Derek—they both actually looked like they were really dancing and enjoying it.

Score: 29

8. Evan and Anna dancing the rumba.

Ow! Ow! I loved his hip action! Okay, maybe it was a little awkward. Their number was great, but after watching Derek and Nicole, I wasn’t quite as impressed. The judges felt that his hips were getting better and that the artistry and musicality were spot on. (I would hope so- he is an Olympic ice skater).

Score: 27