"Dancing With The Stars" Recap: Season 10, Week 8

May 10, 2010

Only one week away from the semi-finals, the competition is getting fierce and the pressure is starting to show. This week each couple had to prepare two dances—one for the ballroom round and one for the eras-themed Latin round—and the usual light-aired laughter was replaced with an intense, competitive edge. Even funny girl Niecy Nash got down to business and had her game face on.

To quote Len, “Here are our top five finalists: The perfectionist, Erin. The golden boy, Evan. The football hero, Chad. The pussy cat, Nicole. And the jiggley one, Niecy.” Nice, Len.

Up first was the ballroom round.

Chad and Cheryl
danced the tango. Right from the beginning it was obvious this wasn’t going to be Chad’s best dance. His frame was supposed to be rigid, but the way he carried himself made his posture look awkward rather than refined. And he was thinking so hard that he forgot about his face and performance. However, his attack and intensity were spot on. He just needs a bit more polish and refinement.

Score: 21

Niecy and Louis
danced the Viennese waltz. Wow, she really does work her fanny off. I was so impressed with the way she extended all the way through her arms and finished every line. She was so much more graceful and elegant than ever before! She needs to work on her transitions, but even Len was impressed by her “lovely, floaty quality.”

Score: 23


Erin and Maks
danced the Argentine tango. Okay, Erin, every girl watching you would’ve given anything to jump into Maks’ arms! It’s time to stop playing the “I’m a chicken” card. Her turns could’ve been a little tighter and she needs to lengthen through the back of her knees, but the overall performance was a…mazing! And so was the backbend lift. Carrie Ann liked it so much she smooched Len on the cheek!

Score: 28

Evan and Anna
danced the waltz. They set out to do the most romantic waltz that has ever been on “DWTS”, but Evan looked more like a deer in headlights rather than a man head over heels in love. Len didn’t like the “rolly poly stuff on the floor,” but felt the technical elements were great. Evan needs to learn to lose himself in the moment and the dance.

Score: 27

Nicole and Derek
danced the fox trot. Okay, now that was just darling! Nicole is hands-down the best dancer on the show. She brought so much personality and performance—she just might be on Broadway someday! Loved the choreography, loved the dancers and loved how much the audience adored them. As Bruno said, “ It was one-and-a-half minutes of pure dancing joy—a jewel created by a master!”

Score: 29

After a bizarre, silver paint-covered performance by professionals, Gary and Rita Gekhman, it was time for the eras-themed Latin round. Each couple was assigned a dance, and then they randomly selected an era that they were required to incorporate into the choreography—definitely easier said than done.

Chad and Cheryl
danced a 60s jive. From Ochocinco himself: “I’m going to float like a butterfly, and sting like a bee. I’m going to dance my ‘butt’ off like I’m at the top of a tree.” Hmmm… Whatever you say, Chad. For the routine Cheryl donned her thigh-high boots and jumped right in. Chad, unfortunately had a harder time with it (surprisingly, considering his pimp character), and it felt like Cheryl carried most of the routine. But it was super high energy and we loved Chad’s smile.

Score: 24


Niecy and Louis
danced a 90s paso doble. Louis is so sweet—he even put on a skirt to demonstrate for Niecy! The 90s were the era of the divas, and Neicy’s definitely got that diva drama look! But her feet were a little slow, and she needs to attack with more purpose.

Score: 20

Erin and Maks
danced an 80s Rumba.  Erin had great performance quality, but it could’ve flown a little better. It was obvious she doubts herself and she really needed to live in the moment. Bruno, however, felt they “made good music together.”

Score: 25


Evan and Anna
danced a futuristic chacha: Oh Evan and his robot voice. Yikes! I did have to laugh when he said, “Maybe my hips will be better in the future?” It was interesting and fun, but missing key chacha elements. The judges felt they lucked out by picking the “future” because they were able to get around a lot of the stylization Evan struggles with.

Score: 26

Nicole and Derek
danced a 50s paso doble. Can I just say how much adore Derek Hough?! He’s adorable and his choreography was absolutely genius! When they drew a 50s paso doble everyone was a little worried, but they were fantastic. It was sharp, yet sassy, and sooo hot! The best part: you couldn’t tell who the pro was. Bravo, Nicole! You deserved every one of those three tens. 

Score: 30


1.    Nicole and Derek: 59

2.    Evan and Anna: 53

3.    Erin and Maks: 53

4.    Chad and Cheryl: 45

5.    Niecy and Louis: 43