"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 10, Week 9 Elimination

May 18, 2010

Last night was the 100th elimination episode of “DWTS.” A cause for celebration? Well, it definitely was for the Utah Valley University dancers, who competed in the show’s college dance championship with a cha cha that knocked our socks off. It had flash, it had polish, it had style–we couldn’t get enough. Seriously, guys: THAT’s how ballroom should be done!

Also appropriately festive? The pros dancing to a medley by Sarah McLachlan, who is lookin’ pretty darn good these days. Their waltz to “Angel” (which, ever since it became the theme song for those horribly sad “End Animal Cruelty” commercials, has brought automatic tears to our eyes) was lovely, fluid and lyrical, and featured Anna in a refreshingly non-pants-ified gown.

And we’ll never get enough of those photo and video montages of the pros as kids. They are all so talented, and apparently have been since birth. (Good to know that the threat of confiscated hair gel is all it takes to keep Derek’s antics in check, too.)

The “unfestive” losers of the night? First and foremost: Melissa Rycroft and Joey Fatone, who danced a tango (of sorts) to “You Shook Me All Night Long” in truly, truly disturbing outfits–and, in Joey’s case, glitter face paint. Why, why, why were we subjected to that?? Len must have been having a quiet fit about how little actual tango was involved in that hot mess of a routine. We have to admit, though: Melissa has a pretty ridic body. (Joey? Not so much these days.)

Also a loser: Miley Cyrus, who, as promised, danced in a cage. Haven’t we already seen Britney/Beyoncé do everything Miley did last night–and better? And if she “can’t be tamed,” why’d she start out in a cage, hmm? We miss cute, “Party In the USA”-era Miley.

The ultimate losers, of course, were eliminated couple Chad and Cheryl. No big surprises there. While we thought Chad gave a very gracious farewell speech, we’re looking forward to never hearing the couple’s annoying “special friendship” (wink wink) schtick again.

Check back next week for our recaps of the final episodes! We can’t wait to see Nicole bust it out Pussycat-style in her freestyle routine. Think Evan will be able to work a triple axel or two into his?