"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 11, Week 1 Elimination

September 21, 2010

Last night was the first “Dancing With The Stars” results show of the season—and, as usual, it consisted of about 99 percent filler leading up to one somewhat surprising, yet pleasing (sorry, Hoff), elimination.

In terms of guest performers, last night was pretty much the Santana show—and we’re not complaining. He opened the evening performing “Oye Como Va” accompanied by pros Anna and Corky, Cheryl and Maks and Kym and Tony in a steamy routine. (The best part of every results show is getting to watch the pros dance together—so hot!) Later he performed with Daughtry and India.Arie. He must be exhausted today.

The worst-filler-of-the-night award goes to Season 6 alum Adam Carolla’s “Tour de Dance.” It was awkward, insulting and not even a little bit funny. Hopefully you missed it.

The best line of the night came from Florence Henderson, addressing the Situation: “Can I see your Situation? Can I touch it?” Oh Florence, we love you!

After finding out that the Situation and Karina and Margaret and Louis were safe (we were shocked, too), it came down to Kyle and Lacey and David and Kym. We would’ve been devastated to see Kyle go home, but we’re pretty sure the two of them being in the bottom was just the work of clever producers. (Apparently the order safe couples are announced has nothing to do with their total number of votes.)

Well friends, in the end, it was time to say adios to “The Hoff.” Kym, you’ll be dearly missed, but we can’t say we’re sad to see David go.

What did you think? Were you surprised? Who’s going home next? Let us know! Tune in next Tuesday, September 28 to watch the stars battle it out again—and don’t forget to vote!