"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 11, Week 9 Elimination

November 16, 2010

Last night was the semi-final on “Dancing With the Stars,” and Dance Spirit tuned in to catch all the action. Here are our stream-of-consciousness thoughts.

First Brandy and Maks re-perform their perfect-scoring Argentine tango—just in case you missed it the first time or were dying to see it again. It’s brimming with intensity, precision and passion—well done Brandy and Maks.

Next up is singer Annie Lennox. She’s accompanied by two contemporary dancers. Wait, is that Brandon Bryant of “SYTYCD” fame? Yep, sure is. We could spot those abs anywhere. The choreography is so-so, but they’re dancing it really well. If only they had left out that horrible crotch-in-face ending lift… Yikes!

 Jennifer and Derek are safe. Shocker. However, we are excited to see them perform on the finale. Derek, we’re expecting fireworks.

 Now it’s time for Macy’s Design a Dance, which we frankly didn’t really understand (?). We got to vote for our favorite pros, and Derek and Cheryl came out on top. At least America did something good this week. Hopefully they’ll keep it up. Ah, we love getting to watch the pros dance together!  There is so much energy on that dance floor. And woah, what a kiss! We know it’s just part of the choreography, but wowie! Why can’t we have more pro-pro performances?

 Annie Lennox is back. Oooh, I spy Taja Riley and Jamie Goodwin. The choreo is much better this time around—very Travis Wall-esque.

 OMG. We love Kyle. We have from the very first week. Can we just throw him a mirror ball trophy right now and call it good?

 Kyle and Lacey are safe! THANK GOODNESS!

 Now it’s time for a little Enrique Iglesias…singing, surprise surprise, “I Like It!” Great, now this song is going to be stuck in our heads for the next three days. But, oh yes, we do like pros working it out on the dance floor. And we’ll say it again, more pro-pro numbers, please! Seriously, we’re begging you.

Okay, it’s time for the moment of truth. Who’s going home and who’s safe?

SHUT UP. Bristol Palin has made it to the finals. Ugh. Poor Brandy and Maks. DS loves you.

 Alrighty friends, be sure to tune in next week for the finale. And PLEASE remember to vote for your favorite couple. Do not leave it up to the rest of America or who knows, that mirror ball trophy just might find its way back to Alaska. Oh dear.