"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 12, Elimination 3

April 12, 2011

Did you miss last night’s “DWTS” results show? Here are some of our favorite awesome and awkward moments.


  •     The orchestral rock concert. Who knew classical music had a wild side?! We’re really going to miss the full orchestra next week.
  •     Jennifer Hudson looking svelte and sassy in a little purple dress. Girl can sing. And Louis and Karina were fierce.
  •     A breath-taking performance by three principal ballet dancers: Jose Manuel Carreño (American Ballet Theatre) and sisters Lorena (San Francisco Ballet) and Lorna (Boston Ballet) Feijoo. We even spied “So You Think You Can Dance” alum Melissa Sandvig in the ensemble!
  •     Spotting “SYTYCD” husband and wife ballroom team Ryan and Ashleigh Di Lello during the second JHud number. Will they be joining the “DWTS” troupe? Oooh, we hope so!



  •     Chelsea and Mark morphing into Harry and Hermione for an encore performance—right after being told they were in jeopardy. Let’s just cut the repeat performances altogether. 
  •    Glitter confetti falling from the sky and sticking to Jennifer Hudson’s lip gloss.
  •    More Black Swan hype. Seriously, we almost never want to see Swan Lake again.
  •    Kendra blaming her poor performance on “that time of the month.” You’ve got to love her honesty, but really?

We’re sad to see Sugar Ray and Anna go, but get pumped—next week (in honor of Patriot’s Day) is American week! The couples will be dancing to the best love songs about America. Not sure what that means, but hey, maybe there will be fireworks.