"Dancing with the Stars" Recap: Season 12, Elimination 6

May 3, 2011

Can I be honest? Sometimes, I enjoy the “Dancing with the Stars” elimination shows more than the performance episodes. No, it’s not because I’m a grouch who enjoys seeing someone’s newly-formed dancing dreams crushed. That would be mean. It’s because the elimination episodes move quickly, feature professional dancing and usually include some juicy behind-the-scenes footage.

Speaking of which..Mark Ballas is a glass-half-empty kind of guy, or so he revealed before he and Chelsea performed Monday night. She was excited to dance and he was having none of it. Booooo. Also, I predict here and now that Mark will be a grumpy, perverted old man. He will make inappropriate comments and leer at young girls. Essentially, he’ll be Len.

Something else we learned: Kirstie Alley rocks. OK, we already knew this, but it was confirmed last night when we saw her post-performance interview. On Monday, she danced a jive to “La Bamba” and although she had sass, she forgot part of the routine. Her response? “I just wish I could marry the time of my life with the dance of my life!” Hey, Kirstie, wanna hang out this weekend? Cool. I’ll text you with plans.


As for the professional dancing—hey, wait a second, we recognize that ballerina. It’s Patricia Zhou! Not to toot our own horn but, uh, alright we will: Patti was a 2010 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search finalist. Check it out! But seriously, she’s a lovely dancer and it was fantastic to see her perform. It was like watching the 1992 NBA title-winning Chicago Bulls. Or so I would imagine, given that Kirov Academy deputy artistic director Martin Fredmann declared Patti the next “Michael Jordan of ballet.” (I’m assuming he’s referring to Jordan’s golden three-peat years and not his “career comeback” Wizards period.)

While Patti was a welcome distraction, eventually, they had to get down to the dirty business of sending someone home, and this week Kendra said goodbye. I’ve been her biggest cheerleader at the DS office and was sad to see her go. She’s genuine, she works hard and she means well—and she exits with a booty shake. What more could you ask for in a “DWTS” contestant?

What do you think: Was the right contestant cut? Do you love Kirstie Alley? Does Mark Ballas creep you out? Share all your thoughts on Twitter or Facebook.