"Dancing With the Stars" Recap: Season 10, Week 6 Elimination

April 27, 2010

The “Dancing With The Stars” leader board has changed dramatically since last week with Nicole and Derek on top, Evan and Anna dropping to third and Jake and Chelsie coming in last place and heading home.

Here’s a rundown of the highlights of last night’s elimination show:

Within the first couple minutes, we found out that Erin and Maks are the first couple safe from elimination. But it was clear that Len hadn’t forgotten about Maks’ shirtless shenanigans when he reminded the dancers and the audience that not-a-one of Monday’s performances managed to be both “wowing” in terms of performance quality and technique. Ouch.

The judges selected Chad and Cheryl to give a repeat performance of their Argentine Tango. They look even better the second time around!


The musical guest was Melissa Etheridge, and boy, did she rock out! She received a standing O! Maks, Anna, Tony and Chelsie accompanied her onstage with some dizzying partnering and flipping around. The dancing was definitely impressive, but our focus was on Melissa’s vocals.

Chad and Cheryl were told they were safe, just before the Salsa performance. Though the dancers all decked in white were certainly talented, it was the Flamenco guitarist, Benica that caught my eye. (Note: more gyrating on the judges table? It’s getting a little old…)

We can only assume that the next segment, from ESPN’s “Sports Science” series, was a  time-filler. Special sensors were used to test Dmitry and Edyta’s strength, height, speed and precision while dancing. The factoids in the segment were interesting (Edyta spins faster than the wheels on Lance Armstrong’s bike! Who knew?), but we found their conclusion that dancers are “world class athletes” to be less-than-surprising.


After the break, Melissa Etheridge performed “Come To My Window,” a crowd pleaser. Edyta (in quite the skimpy costume) and Dmitry got to dance live this time!

We soon learned that Nicole and Derek were safe, and they were followed by Pam and Damian, and Evan and Anna. Niecy and Louis were in the bottom two with Jake and Chelsie. But it was Jake “The Bachelor” Pavelka who would not be getting a (figurative) rose this week. Apparently America likes “comical” tangos more than Jake’s “high energy,” which Len said he’d miss. Jake choked up crying (“Bachelor” flashback anyone?) as he graciously thanked his fans, cast, fiancé and Chelsie for the experience. Awww!

Until next week…