How Did We Only Just Discover Bobby Newberry's Magical Christmas Song?

March 22, 2017

Guys, we’re sorry: We’ve let you down. We are a full year late to the amazingness that is Bobby Newberry’s Christmas song. And because this is Bobby Newberry we’re talking about, there’s also a dance-y music video for the song AND a class video featuring the choreo from the music video, both of which we’re a full year late to as well. So, actually, we’re triply sorry.

Backing up: In December 2015, Newberry released the original song “Christmas Time,” which is delightful in a very Mariah Carey-ish way (Mariah Carey-ish being the highest praise one can bestow upon a Christmas song). Then he dropped a music video for the track featuring a bunch of his super-talented friends dancing and laughing and playing with puppies (!) in a perfectly decorated house—having the kind of holiday party, in other words, we all aspire to. And a few days later he put out a Millennium class video featuring the likes of Ade Obayomi and Jade Chynoweth killing the choreography from the music vid.

It’s a magical trio of gifts. And they’re gifts that keep on giving: Newberry revisited the “Christmas Time” routine in his class on Wednesday night. Let’s make that a holiday tradition, please.

Videos below for your Christmas viewing pleasure. Happy merry everything!

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