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How Did We Only Just Discover Bobby Newberry's Magical Christmas Song?

Guys, we’re sorry: We’ve let you down. We are a full year late to the amazingness that is Bobby Newberry’s Christmas song. And because this is Bobby Newberry we’re talking about, there’s also a dance-y music video for the song AND a class video featuring the choreo from the music video, both of which we’re […]

Bobby Newberry Hops on the "Formation" Train, Nails It

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, then by now you’ve heard Beyoncé’s “Formation” and seen the insanely amazing responses from the dance world. (But just in case—Exhibits A and B.) Well, Bobby Newberry and his choreographic genius have joined in on the fun with this newly released vid. Filmed at the Millennium Dance Complex, […]

Letter to My Teenage Self: Bobby Newberry

(Photo by Karlo Gomez, courtesy Danielle Marie Owens) Growing up in an unstable household in Southern California, Bobby Newberry couldn’t afford formal dance lessons. Nevertheless, he spent hours practicing on his own, learning and fine-tuning choreography from music videos and performing at local talent competitions, hoping for recognition. It worked: At age 14, Newberry received […]