Watch This Dancer with Down Syndrome Perform a Routine That'll Bring Tears to Your Eyes

January 10, 2019

There are dance routines, and then there are dance routines. Andrew, a 21-year-old dancer with Down Syndrome, performed the latter on the new British reality dance show “The Greatest Dancer.” He brought the audience to tears as he unabashedly freestyled to Justin Timberlake’s “Can’t Stop The Feeling.”

Andrew’s love of dance was visible as he broke it down to the catchy tune. Even the judges couldn’t help but applaud him for his high energy and passion. “I was just really moved by the whole thing and to watch you and your excitement and to see how you thrive from an audience was such a special moment,” reality judge Cheryl said.

Andrew’s routine reminds us that even though technique and choreography are important elements to performing, sometimes you have to focus on the big picture and dance with your heart. Remember, if you’re having a good time, then the audience probably is, too.

Inspiring dancer Andrew leaves Cheryl in floods of tears – The Greatest Dancer | Auditions