This Made-for-Everyone Dancewear Line Has All Your New Wardrobe Staples

April 30, 2020

Knowing exactly what dancers need is nothing new for Dream Duffel. For over ten years now, they’ve been making innovative and ultra-convenient duffel bags that have become dance competition staples, and that seem to predict every detail that a dancer or dance parent could ever want out of such a bag.

So it’s no surprise that Dream Duffel‘s latest venture—a dancewear line called X Body by Dream Duffel—was built with a dancer-first focus that’s sure to make it a wardrobe must-have. (And lucky for you, we’re giving away the whole line!)

Made by a team of designers who are dancers and dance educators themselves, the line of dance fundamentals—bras, leggings, joggers, tanks and tees—will cover every player in the business, including teachers and parents.

Suitable for class, rehearsal, performance and everyday wear, the X Body items come in sleek shapes and colors. “We wanted there to be an option between classic black and a pop of color,” says Dream Duffel‘s Kia Hill, who is also a dance educator. The line’s quality is as durable and top-notch as its duffel bag predecessor, at a reasonable price point. “It’s a luxury item, but it doesn’t break the bank,” says Hill.

The X Body line
was inspired by dance education—specifically Bartenieff Fundamentals, which posits that all movement stems from the body positioned as an “X,” and that by sequencing through the body, we can move with more ease. The designers at Dream Duffel channeled this concept to create a line that emphasizes connection and support. “We wanted to design something that was going to aid movement and help the body express what it needs,” Hill says.

But this idea of support goes beyond just creating quality dancewear that will allow dancers to move their best. For Dream Duffel, it’s also about products that truly work for everyone—every body type, every gender. (Even the product names emphasize the focus on inclusivity, from the Harmony Tank to the Unity Joggers.) “At Dream Duffel, we all come from completely different backgrounds,” says Hill. “It doesn’t matter who you are, this is open, and this is for you.”

Courtesy Dream Duffel

X Body
‘s clean and clear silhouettes make it the perfect option for dance studio dress codes for all genders, but its products aren’t limited to the studio or classroom. Hill says X Body‘s leggings and tops have been a stage-ready look for her students at competitions, and the high-quality fabric doesn’t become sheer under stage lighting. Plus, the “x” logo is just subtle enough to not distract.

Whether onstage, in the classroom, or out and about, Dream Duffel hopes the X Body line is a boon to dancers’ confidence—especially for those students whose bodies are changing, and who need dancewear that can grow with them. “We want them to feel like they’re loved and they’re worth it,” Hill says.

And that goes for parents and teachers, too. “One of the hardest things to do as a parent or teacher is to invest in yourself,” she says. The X Body line is well-suited for parents going from workout to carpool, or dance teachers who need a consistently professional and comfortable look. “We’re striving to take care of everyone,” says Hill.