November 30, 2009

This past Saturday night we went to the opening night of Dreamgirls at the Apollo Theater in NYC, and it was amazing! The show already opened in Korea with rave reviews, and we have to admit that it lived up to the hype. The choreography, which was done by Shane Sparks, was a highlight (so was Effie’s voice!). “Steppin’ to the Bad Side” was the coolest number, and it was very Shane (lots of militant moves, isolations and the use of glow-in-the-dark props). After the show, we had a MOG moment when we hung out with Shane at the W Hotel in Times Square. People kept stopping him on the street and approaching him at the hotel lounge. Of course, he was super nice and cool. We still can’t get over how this street dancer has taken on the Broadway world. Congrats to Shane and the rest of the Dreamgirls cast!