Dwight & Desmond on "SYTYCD" = WOW!

January 13, 2009

Last night the top 10 contestants (with Comfort returning and Jessica out due to some broken ribs—ouch!) performed on “So You Think You Can Dance” and, as always, there were some misses (ugh, that two step) and some serious hits (Cat Deeley’s fab outfit, of course!). The “jidges” are no longer in control of who stays—that’s up to us to call in and vote—and the partners have been shimmied around. Plus now we get to see each contestant perform a solo every Wednesday. Here are just a few of my thoughts from last night’s show…


was one of my favorites from the get-go but I think she’s starting to fall off a bit. Perhaps not dancing with Twitch threw her off, but both of her routines last night didn’t quite do it for me. She’s beautiful and easy to watch (and you can’t argue that she can nail six pirouettes every time she’s out on that stage) but she seemed uncomfortable in her two step and the jazz routine. I want her to stick around so she can come back next week with a bang.


Comfort and Twitch
‘s smooth waltz didn’t excite me, but their hip hop—insane! Of course I loved it as soon as the music started (LOVE Chris Brown, love that song) but they totally nailed it. Like Nigel said, the dance didn’t look choreographed, it just looked like they were out there having a great time.


Chelsie and Gev
also did a great job last night. Where did Sonya Tayeh come from?! She’s outstanding! I love love loved everything about that contemporary piece from the music and the costuming to the choreography.


And then—Katee and Will. I think they’re the two to beat at this point in the competition. Is there anything either of them can’t do? Their Tyce Diorio Broadway routine was fine. They were cute and performed it well, but it didn’t have me on my feet. But then, when under the direction of COMPLEXIONS superstars Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson, they took the floor for a pas de deux… I was speechless (and that’s a rarity for me). They were perfect (OK, minus that one little turn that Katee missed a bit), and I think that’s all I need to say. Definitely one of my favorite routines of the season.


My top four predictions
(as of right this second, surely it’ll change in an hour): Katee, Chelsie, Will and Twitch (or Joshua…I’m on the fence there).


So lastly I want to point out how HUGE “So You Think You Can Dance” has grown to be. In its first year, the show blew through the first season under the radar. It picked up with season two and turned into a tremendous hit with season three, regularly attracting millions of viewers and voters. Now, in season four, dance dynamos are flocking to the show. Newcomers like Tabitha & Napoleon are bringing a new, sultry hip hop style to the show and Sonya just may give Ms. Michaels a run for her money as contemporary favorite. Last week we were treated to a performance by three Alvin Ailey men and this week Dwight Rhoden and Desmond Richardson swung by to choreograph? That’s incredible!


Hope you’re enjoying the show as much as we are!