DWTS and other stuff

October 15, 2007

Hey there! So as I sat down to blog today, I had a couple things on my mind… 

First off, did you know that October is National Arts and Humanities month? Americans For the Arts coordinates this celebration of the arts and culture each year. I think it’s awesome that an entire month can be dedicated to furthering the arts in local communities–so I had to do my part to get the word out to all of you guys!  
Okay, now in more mundane news, have you all been watching Dancing With the Stars this season? I’ve caught it on and off, so I’ve seen most of the dancers, but I’m definitely starting to form some opinions! Last night, I watched from 8-9 pm (had to switch the channel to watch Heroes at 9!!), so I saw Jane Seymour, Cameron Matheson, Floyd Mayweather, Sabrina Bryan, Mark Cuban and a little bit of Mel B. I have to say, I am becoming a huge fan of Jane’s! She moves really beautifully, and is so incredibly elegant. And I really enjoyed Cameron’s “super-man” paso doble! Floyd–while I have to admit his faux tour jete was impressive–the poor man is just not a dancer… I don’t know if I can venture a guess who will go home, since I missed several of the dances, but I think Floyd might be in danger! I think Sabrina might be the one to beat at this point… but she also came in with a lot of prior dance experience! 
to shift gears yet again, we’re working on our January 2008 issue here in the office (Already! I know!) and it got me thinking about New Year’s Resolutions. Do you all ever make dance resolutions? I definitely try to set out goals for myself for the upcoming year, but I don’t like to think of them as “resolutions”–that makes it so much worse when you inevitably have trouble making them happen! I know it’s early, but do you guys have any goals for 2008 that you’re already thinking about? Write in and tell us about them! 
okay, back to the office grind now, 
lots of love!