"DWTS" Week 4: Cirque du Soleil Week

October 4, 2016

To call the last two nights of “DWTS” a whirlwind is, IMHO, an understatement. You guys, so much happened. Where to even start? There was an ENGAGEMENT! There were acro tricks and fringe costumes! There was a DOUBLE ELIMINATION?! And, as always, there was #TeamValaur. It’s time to relive Cirque du Soleil week—let’s do this.

First thing’s first: CONGRATS TO SASHA FARBER AND EMMA SLATER! Literally what is better than an on-air proposal? (I mean, if she says no, then obviously anything is better, but I digress.) The streamers, the tears, the cheering—it was perfect. So perfect that it just barely made up for the evil that is the season’s first double elimination.

Another important matter of business? Laurie and Val’s jazz number to “The Way You Make Me Feel” by Michael Jackson. Like, they have to know how amazing they are, right? And if they do, they’re just humble and having A+ sportsmanship, right? Seriously, this routine was flawless from start to finish. Laurie has all the makings of an amazing dancer: musicality, charisma, stage presence and an ability to pick up every style that’s thrown her way. And it’s clear that Val recognizes this and is making sure to nurture her technically as a dancer, since she’s truly growing every single week. You know who else agrees with me? The judges. #TeamValaur got the season’s first perfect score (and I may have shed a tear).

Another standout? Calvin Johnson Jr. and Lindsay Arnold’s Charleston. The super-fast footwork required for this dance was impressively executed by Johnson Jr. (and all with a big smile!), and the always-stunning Arnold is clearly a supportive and helpful teacher and partner. They were a joy to watch, and quite literally breathtaking—those lifts were insane! And Johnson Jr. did them perfectly! But I was still really nervous!

As the minutes passed and commercial breaks dragged on, though, the imminent elimination was hovering like a dark cloud. And that cloud got even darker when we learned two couples would be bidding farewell to the “DWTS” stage. In the end, it was Babyface and pro Allison Holker, and Vanilla Ice and pro Witney Carson who were sent packing. Do you agree with the eliminations? Any predictions for the rest of the season? Sound off in the comments, and as always, catch us here next week with our recap.

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