Emma Portner Is Absolutely Regal in Andrew Winghart's New Short Film

August 28, 2018

Once in a while, a dance film comes along that stops us right in our tracks. Andrew Winghart’s latest project, “A Thousand Faces,” does just that—and then some. Starring none other than the otherworldly Emma Portner, the film is an 8-minute tour de force.

In an interview with Booooooom TV, Winghart elaborated on the creative process with Portner:

“Working with her was really special, this was our first time collaborating in this capacity. She has such a strong sense of who she is as an artist and choreographer, and I didn’t want to try and remove that with this project. We really challenged each other to try things we both normally wouldn’t.

When I wrote the treatment for the film I used an image of Emma in the page outlining the hero lead. I actually thought she was out of the country at the time. But the next day she came and took a class I was teaching and the rest just fell into place. In her work I love that she is so unapologetically herself. It is both feminine and masculine at the same time. Strong yet fragile. I wanted to capture that duality in this film.”

We’re not exaggerating when we say that every single frame of the film could stand alone as a stunning photograph, with Portner clad in any number of gorgeous costumes, shifting from one unique shape into another. These two clearly feed off each other creatively in a rare and special way, and we’re so here for any future collaborations. Catch the entire video below, and read the rest of his interview here.