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Emma Portner Shines in This Apple Watch Promo

Tucked into an almost two-hour Apple announcement video is pure dance gold: a promo for the newest version of the Apple Watch featuring none other than the trailblazing jack-of-all-styles herself, Emma Portner. Honestly, Portner’s electric, effortless grooving could sell ice to an eskimo. But the Apple Watch is also fitting. (From Lauren and Chris Grant […]

Emma Portner Is Absolutely Regal in Andrew Winghart's New Short Film

Once in a while, a dance film comes along that stops us right in our tracks. Andrew Winghart’s latest project, “A Thousand Faces,” does just that—and then some. Starring none other than the otherworldly Emma Portner, the film is an 8-minute tour de force. In an interview with Booooooom TV, Winghart elaborated on the creative […]

#VideoBreak: Emma Portner's Latest Video Is Everything

Here at Dance Spirit, we’re constantly in awe of Emma Portner. The powerhouse choreographer, dancer, and November 2016 cover star is never not busy, constantly diving into new projects, while posting a stream of choreo videos that are breathtaking, innovative, and genre bending. (Is it just us, or does everyone else get lost in her […]

Watch This Mind-Blowingly Beautiful New Emma Portner Video

At this point, it’s safe to say Emma Portner’s imagination knows no bounds. The November 2016 cover star is constantly creating (I’m talking a new, stunning choreo clip on Instagram a day), and her latest project, a collaboration with Ajani Johnson-Goffe called “Lavender,” gives us some serious feels. Portner, who has as much of a […]

This New Emma Portner Video Is Otherworldly

When we think of amazing up-and-coming choreographers here at DS, especially those with a style all their own, Emma Portner tops pretty much everyone’s list. Her Instagram is a treasure in itself, with dozens upon dozens of clips featuring her impossibly unique moves, and her contribution to Justin Bieber’s “Purpose: The Movement,” “Life Is Worth […]