Score Free Critiques of Your Comp Routines From Encore DCS

Sponsored by Encore DCS
April 29, 2022

You’ve worked hard at your comp routines all season long. Your performance is polished, your technique flawless and your heart is in it to win it—at Nationals, that is. If there’s ever a moment to give your dancing a competitive edge, it’s definitely now. Enter Encore DCS, the competition that’s giving away judges’ critiques to three lucky winners for free.

Entering is a cinch. Just fill out the form here between now and May 28. (If you’re under 18, your dance teacher, choreographer or a guardian can fill it out on your behalf.) Three winners will be contacted in June to submit three videos each of their chosen solos, duets or group routines to receive recorded feedback from two of Encore’s head judges. 

If you haven’t had the chance to attend an Encore event just yet, this is your chance to get a taste of the stellar feedback dancers can expect to receive. Encore’s judges are well-versed in a variety of dance genres, so performers of all styles are encouraged to enter the giveaway. “This past year at our Grand Finals, we had an extraordinary tap teacher and performer sitting next to a Broadway dancer who was in the new West Side Story movie sitting next to a talent agent out of New York City,” says co-director Rhonda Marchant. “That is the kind of diversity we bring to our judges’ table.”

With that, Encore DCS is leading the way in providing quality feedback to studios. As part of its interview process, potential judges are asked to critique a routine. “We listen for knowledgeable terminology in all styles of dance and solid critiques,” says Marchant. “We hire judges who have a wide range of dance experiences—student, teacher, choreographer and performer—not just a performer. We realize how much goes into each routine and want judges who have knowledge of that process and hard work. Education is always important, as well; applicants with dance degrees go to the top of our list.”

Enter now for a chance to snag free critiques of three of your routines—so you can get a leg up on the competition.