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A contemporary group routine feeaturing five teen women in brown silk slip dresses. They are supporting each other, creating a bridge-like shape.

Score Free Critiques of Your Comp Routines From Encore DCS

You’ve worked hard at your comp routines all season long. Your performance is polished, your technique flawless and your heart is in it to win it—at Nationals, that is. If there’s ever a moment to give your dancing a competitive edge, it’s definitely now. Enter Encore DCS, the competition that’s giving away judges’ critiques to […]

A group of young girl dancers in colorful dresses energetically throw their hands in the air.

Encore DCS Is Ready to Dazzle Dancers for Its 25th Season

Most seasoned dancers would agree that the best part of competing isn’t just the trophies—it’s the people you meet and the opportunities you discover. A fellow dance mom who’s run two successful studios herself, Encore DCS co-director Rhonda Marchant knows comp life like the back of her hand, which is why she treats every dancer, […]

10 Things More Important Than Winning A Competition

In today’s culture, winning is everything—so much so that most dance competitions highlight trophies above all else and emphasize the importance of being on top. But before platinum and first place became top priority, competitions were a chance for dancers to be inspired, have an incredible experience, and grow, as both artists and people. Some […]

Top Dance Competition Judges Answer Your Biggest Questions

We asked judges Lisa White (of Starpower) and Chris Pederson (of Leap!) to answer reader-submitted questions. Survey says that you might be more than a little surprised by what they had to say. What Do You Look for in Dancers? “I’m huge on polished technique and proper placement. I also look for performance quality. If […]

Why You Should Know Comp King Luke Barrett

Luke Barrett’s been a standout on the comp scene for years now, thanks to his crystal-clear technique and soulful improv skills. He’s a two-time New York City Dance Alliance National Male Outstanding Dancer (Mini in 2016 and Junior in 2018), 2nd runner-up at The Dance Awards (2017), and Beat Squad member (2018). Luke hasn’t let […]