February 2015 Table of Contents

April 18, 2017

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Ailey II.0

The world-renowned second company has a new director—and a new crop of dancers who are ready for anything.

How I Got Here

Three pros reflect on their unique career paths.

Audition Mistakes You Don’t Know You’re Making

Don’t sabotage yourself.

Put Your Best Look Forward

Should you change your style for your career?

Get Her Audition Look

Four pros model their favorite outfits for every audition.

Dance Spirit
‘s 2015 Audition Guide

Get essential info on more than 120 auditions.

Resumé Revamp

How to spin your dance experience on a non-dance resumé.

Up Front: Buzz

Sonya Tayeh remakes a Graham classic.

Up Front: The Dirt

American Ballet Theatre’s Devon Teuscher.

Letter to My Teenage Self

Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo.

Dear Katie

Kathryn Morgan answers your pressing dance questions.

Body Buzz

Homeopathic remedies for pain—and when to use them.

Spotlight: Dance Team

Advice for balancing your dance team life with your studio commitments.

College Corner

Top dance programs outside the U.S

You Should Know

Mini heartthrob Brady Farrar.