February 2019 Table of Contents

January 16, 2019

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Doing the Hustle

How some of the most talented dancers are living the freelance dream, not daydreaming about a company gig.

So You Think You Need a Website

With the right approach and content, you can make a website work for you.

Audition #Fails

Five pros spill on the moments that went oh so wrong.


The scoop on Broadway’s Kiss Me, Kate revival.

The Dirt

Camille A. Brown dancer Maleek Washington.

Letter to My Teenage Self

New York City Ballet’s Georgina Pazcoguin.

Choreographer’s Collage

Where Nick Young finds inspiration.


A week in the life of ABT apprentice Abbey Marrison.

Body Buzz

Pamper yourself with self-care this Valentine’s Day.


Everything you need to know about cupping.

The Look

What you should actually wear to auditions—according to directors.


Upping your improv game.

Musical Theater

How to tackle the most common singing and acting mistakes dancers make.

College Corner

Should you graduate early?

Branch Out

Inside Adrienne Gregorek’s life as a dance physical therapist.

You Should Know

Rising star Kiarra Waidelich.