This Flight Attendant Reenacting Britney's "Toxic" Video Is Our New Favorite

March 19, 2017

[Britney’s “Toxic” comes on]

All our friends: Don’t do it.

All our friends: PLEASE DON’T DO IT.


Thank you, AirAsia flight attendant Assraf Nasir, for that moment of C+ dancing/A+ hilarity. And dude definitely did his homework. Check out the original video for comparison (in case you don’t already have it memorized):

Here’s a thought that’s just casually bouncing around in our heads: Assraf Nassir + Britney S. Pierce + the “Dancing with the Stars” ballroom + THE ACTUAL BRITNEY (oh, just let us dream) = the featured “DWTS” number to end all featured “DWTS” numbers. There’s a non-zero probability of this happening, right?