Flip-flip into summer

June 1, 2009

When you get out of practice the last thing you want to think about is your feet. Give them a break by rocking a pair of flip-flop sandals! Flip-flops are a great way to let your stinky and sweaty feet air out after being cramped in ballet shoes all day. They can be paired with a cute bathing suit cover-up, a sundress or a dance leotard and stirrups as a quick foot fix in between dance classes. As a dancer your feet need to be in top shape so, use these helpful pointers to find the perfect flip-flop!

A match made in heaven: Make sure your foot fits comfortably and doesn’t go beyond the edges of the sandal. This will not only cause unwanted blisters, but it’s uncomfortable too!

Bend and snap: When purchasing a new pair of flip-flops, be sure to bend them a little first. If they bend in half, don’t get them! They won’t give you enough support.

Don’t over use: If your favorite sandal has a perfect indent of your foot, it’s time to toss them. This means you’ve worn them down to little to no support and cushioning, which may lead to future foot pain.

Spoil those toes: Though flip-flops are a seasonal shoe, dig deep into your pocket and invest in a sturdy pair! Leather is always a good choice— they’re cute, practical, and extremely durable. You’ll get a lot of use out of them!

Here are just two of our favorites:

Be fun and girly with these pink foam flip-flop sandals from Freed of London.

We know you love dance now show it off with these flip-flops from Leo’s Dancewear.