Four Minutes, Five Beyoncé Albums and One Musical Genius

April 30, 2015

In Madonna’s 2008 hit “4 Minutes,” Justin Timberlake sings,”We only got four minutes to save the world.” Well, YouTube sensation Todrick Hall gave himself a much more difficult task: just four minutes to cover all five Beyoncé albums.

You may remember Hall as the musical GENIUS behind Virgin America’s #VXSafetyDance and the Disney-themed Chicago spoof “Spell Block Tango.” He’s also a former “American Idol” finalist, so you know he’s got the skills to back up his projects. On Tuesday, he released his video tribute to Queen Bey, “4 Beyoncé from Todrick.”

Get this: Hall managed to mash-up over 70 Beyoncé songs, create a four part harmony, choreograph four coordinating routines, memorize said harmonies and routines and film each part in one take. The resulting video is a four-way split screen, with Hall as a one-man band…of four. And yes, the video is exactly four minutes long. (It also took four hours to film, but that was just a lucky coincidence.)

Ladies and gentlemen, the four faces of Todrick Hall. #putaringonit

Why the obsession with the number four? In the video description, Hall hints that it’s a reference to Beyoncé’s 2011 album “4.” Naturally, he’s aiming for four million views, and he’s already over a quarter of the way there in just four days. (Yes, this blog conveniently comes to you four days after the video’s original release.)

How could this all get even more amazing? Hall wrote out the lyrics to his mash-up—and you can find them on YouTube (just click “show more” under the video description). So go ahead and cancel all your weekend plans, because once you see this video, you’re gonna want to memorize the whole darn thing.

Happy Friday!