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The Absolute Best of Todrick Hall's #NHHHChallenge

The music video for Todrick Hall’s newest track, “Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels”—which [death-]dropped just in time for Pride Month—is the textbook definition of fierce. Todrick and his squad of 50+ dancers are an army of attitude, hitting gorgeous lines and strutting in sync (while wearing heels, no less). And after showing his followers how it’s […]

Todrick Hall's "Evolution of Disney" Is a One-Man Broadway Show

Disney + Broadway is pretty much always a winning combination. I mean, right now we’ve got The Lion King, an old standby that’s been selling out shows since its 1997 opening, and Aladdin, the (relatively) new kid on the block that also happens to be my absolute favorite thing on Broadway. And that’s not to […]

Four Minutes, Five Beyoncé Albums and One Musical Genius

In Madonna’s 2008 hit “4 Minutes,” Justin Timberlake sings,”We only got four minutes to save the world.” Well, YouTube sensation Todrick Hall gave himself a much more difficult task: just four minutes to cover all five Beyoncé albums. You may remember Hall as the musical GENIUS behind Virgin America’s #VXSafetyDance and the Disney-themed Chicago spoof […]