Brian Friedman + Todrick Hall + RuPaul + Every Dancer You're Obsessed with = ✨✨✨

April 16, 2018

Sometimes, you hear talk about an upcoming class video and it sounds too good to be real. Wait: Todrick Hall made a track featuring RuPaul, and then Todrick personally asked Brian Friedman to choreograph it, and then Brian got Maddie and Charlize and Jade and Kaycee and Sean and Gabe and Larsen and Bailey to come out for the class? I just…that can’t be right. Can it?

It is right, friends. It is SO RIGHT.

Behold: “Dem Beats Part 1,” as performed by Hall and Queen RuPaul, choreographed by Friedman, and danced by, oh, everyone. (The full cast list is Friedman himself, Charlize Glass, Maddie Ziegler, Jade Chynoweth, Kaycee Rice, Sean Lew, Gabe DeGuzman, Julian DeGuzman, Josh Price, Kaeylnn “KK” Harris, Larsen Thompson, Bailey Sok, Judson Emery, Sloan-Taylor Rabinor, Alyssa Stamp, Lili Hodge, Pauline Mata, and Blake McGrath. There are no fewer than seven—count ’em—Dance Spirit cover alums in that list.)

They might not make dem beats like they used to, but the class vid is alive and well.