Get Excited for Aladdin on Broadway

November 2, 2013

is coming to Broadway!! I don’t think I’ve been this excited for a new musical since….well, I don’t think I’ve ever been this excited for a new musical.

“Prince Ali,” “Friend Like Me,” “One Jump Ahead”: These songs will forever be on my pick-me-up playlist—and I may or may not know every single word. Add in the excitement of a stage full of dancers and a live audience, and you’ve got, well, a whole new woooooooorld (don’t you dare close your eyes.) A hundred thousand things to see (don’t hold your breath, it gets better!).

Want to get on my excitement level? Watch this behind-the-scenes video of the show being created, including exclusive interviews with the crew and a sneak peek at the dancing:

is now playing at Toronto’s Mirvish Theatre through January 5, and is scheduled to come to the New Amsterdam Theatre in NYC on March 20, 2014. See you there! (I’ll be the one singing along in the front row.)