Get Your Wiggle On

February 3, 2009

If you’re too old for The Wiggles, those four guys in colorful sweaters who entertain children around the world, then check out Mr. Wiggles! This hip-hopper has also performed around the world, battling and fine-tuning his hip hop craft for a slightly older audience than those who tune into the aforementioned entertainers.

On Dec. 14, Divine Rhythm Productions presents “Mr. Wiggles Wreck Session” at Cap 21 Studios in NYC (This has nothing to do with a construction site, so please, leave your hard hat at home). The sesh offers unique opportunities like non-stop jams with pioneers of Hip Hop Culture and master classes with Mr. Wiggles in techniques such as Poppin’ and Bronx Rockin’. There’s even a chance to win some giveaways.

There are different packages to choose from, so head over to to register and pick yours. If you don’t hurry, though, you could demolish your chances—there’s limited space available!