Getting Back in the Groove

January 14, 2008

Okay, so like most of you, I spent my holidays doing absolutely nothing. I mean, I slept a lot, I ate a lot, I read a lot, and I played with my parents’ cats and watched Christmas movies… but as far as physical exercise, I have to admit that I went jogging once and that’s it. For someone who is pretty active on a regular basis, it was both exhilarating and kind of mortifying. 

And then I came back and tried to rejoin my dance routine. And the soreness… oh, the pain! You know what I’m talking about: That first class, you feel amazing, like you can do anything, from multiple pirouettes to sky-high extensions. But the next few classes, your body won’t do a thing you ask it to. I had to back off, take it a little easier and give myself a chance to reacclimate to the studio. 
It was a good reminder, and something I think can’t be stressed enough! (I know we’ve said it in the pages of DS before…) Give yourself a break from time to time. A real break. A not-dancing-at-all week. And then, don’t get too carried away when you go back. Don’t start in January (or in the fall, or even the start of a summer program) by knocking yourself out with extra classes to get back in shape quicker. You’ll just end up in the bathtub with ibuprofin, trying to convince your hamstrings that you really do have to touch your toes. 
I’m starting to get back in the groove, and I’m sure you are too at this point–prepping for regionals and spring shows and who knows what else! So just take this as a gentle reminder to be kind to your bod! You need it. 
love and snow-day wishes,