Happy Treat Yo Self Day, Dancers!

October 12, 2017

Okay, so it’s also Friday the 13th. (Eek! Be sure not to let any black cats cross your path on the way to the studio!)

But more importantly, today is the great international occasion known as Treat Yo Self Day. Originally advocated by Amy Poehler’s cult-status series “Parks and Recreation,” this day celebrates all things treat-like. And who better to show us how it’s done than all our favorite dancers? No one, that’s who.

Pizza is a textbook example of treating yo self. Thank you for this important reminder, Cory Stearns and Gillian Murphy.

Taking the time to cook your own meals is another great way to take care of yourself! Follow WilldaBeast’s lead and relax by whipping up something yummy for you and bae.

Treat Yo Self Day is the perfect occasion to finally bring home that shiny bauble you’ve been eyeing. You—and Broadway regular Samantha Sturm—deserve to wear all of the sparkly bling you desire, gosh darn it!

So maybe you’re not on tour in Paris, like Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater’s Constance Stamatiou. Well, you can still treat yourself to some great art! Spend an hour in your local museum, just because: Art is SUCH a treat for your mind and spirit. #Yas

Because treating yourself means doing whatever you have to to give your best performance… Custom tap shoes! You deserve it. (But don’t ask me to help you convince your parents to make the splurge, plz.)

And when all else fails… Time for a Step Up marathon. Because there’s nothing like some vintage Channing/Jenna to help you feel that all’s right in the world.