International Day of Dance at THE SPACE

Sponsored by Harlequin Floors
September 24, 2018

is not your typical dance studio. It is a non-competitive creative space created by Cory and Krista Miller to train, develop, empower and advance young artists and professionals. Located just south of Los Angeles, the Think Miller Group founded their new home as a space to offer dance training, technique classes, workshops, improvisation, acting, photography, production & media training.

One secret of the THE SPACE is the versatility of their studio floor. “It was very important for us to make sure the flooring system was right for our new creative space. Harlequin Reversible Pro™ had the versatility and durability to handle the types of diverse programs and classes we would be offering. The multipurpose, slip-resistant, hardwearing floor is a perfect fit for our unique SPACE.”

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