See Misty Copeland, Isabella Boylston, and Tiler Peck Pay Gorgeous Tribute to "The Red Shoes"

April 23, 2018

Q: “Why do you want to dance?”

A: “Why do you want to LIVE?”

Ahhh, so iconic! If you know those lines (slash, embody them on a daily basis), you’re already a fan of the 1948 film The Red Shoes. The second line, as spoken by Red Shoes heroine Victoria Page, just perfectly captures the kind of crazy, all-consuming love so many of us feel for this incredible art form.

The Red Shoes
turns 70 (!) this year. And Harper’s Bazaar decided to celebrate that birthday in an oh-so-glamorous fashion: They decked out three of today’s most beautiful ballerinas—American Ballet Theatre’s Misty Copeland and Isabella Boylston and New York City Ballet’s Tiler Peck—in gorgeous couture inspired by the film. (Obviously, Louboutins were involved.)

Be sure to read the full article, which includes lots of great quotes from the dancers about how the movie relates to their own lives. (And if you haven’t seen The Red Shoes yet, get on that!)