Have You Heard?

April 8, 2008

There’s a buzz about BalletX, a new dance company bringing fresh energy and innovative movement to the scene in Philadelphia. While their approach is grounded in classical ballet technique, BalletX stretches and morphs itself into a funky contemporary style. The dancers are athletic, fearless, and completely individual—yet they present themselves with the sincere closeness of a happy ensemble. Audiences can’t help but feel the love.  

Co-directors Matthew Neenan and Christine Cox, both former Pennsylvania Ballet dancers, seem to outdo themselves with each program. Their most recent creation titled “Right to Spring” is a one-hour production about the winter thaw and how this seasonal change affects us spiritually and emotionally. Choreographed by Neenan and musically arranged and performed by Matthew Pierce (of the Lake Trout Band), we are taken on a journey from winter’s enforced and impatient dormancy to spring’s warm and joyous sense of abandon. The band is onstage throughout the entire piece, stressing the importance of nature’s music and our sensitivity to its rhythms. Meanwhile the dancers tackle difficult and intricate movements, slither under sheer fabric, play a suggestive game of spin the bottle, and present flowers to unsuspecting patrons in the first row. With such moments of humor and delight, every person in the audience must want to jump onstage and join in on the action! I know I did.  

BalletX’s next program, running July 23-27 at the Wilma Theater in Philadelphia, will be an evening of all new works by female choreographers. I anticipate it to be yet another refreshingly original dance experience. In the meantime, you can check them out at www.balletx.org to get a glimpse of who they are and what they’re about…  

See for yourselves why people are talking about BalletX. The buzz just keeps getting louder!