Healing Through Dance

July 6, 2009

This year
, get involved with The Andréa Rizzo Foundation, an organization that provides funding for dance therapy for children with cancer and other special needs.


The foundation was created in 2002, when Andréa Rizzo, a 24-year-old dancer and cancer survivor, was killed by a drunk driver. Her mother, Susan Rizzo Vincent, wanted to bring the magic of dance Andréa once knew to children in need. Dréa’s Dream helps cancer patients escape their pain with the help of licensed dance therapists.


You can help by holding a benefit performance at your studio and sending the money you raise to Dréa’s Dream.


“Dancers understand the power of dance,” Susan Rizzo Vincent says. “So who better to support a program that benefits children who are ill?” For more, visit dreasdream.org.