Here Is a 3-Year-Old Dancer to Make You "Happy"

May 7, 2014

A bajillion listens and one fantastic Oscars performance later, you think you’re finally getting over Pharrell’s “Happy,” don’t you?

Well, you’re not. Or at least you won’t be once you watch this video of Ellen and her adorable dancing 3-year-old friend Heaven.

You’ve met Heaven already. She and her mom were on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” last fall, doing a pretty impressive routine to Beyoncé’s “End of Time.” This week they returned to perform another insanely cute routine to “Happy.”

How cute, you ask? THIS CUTE:

In a pre-dance interview, Heaven also tells Ellen that she would make her over with “a little bit of blush and red lipstick and pink eyeshadow,” and that she wants Play-Doh for “Daughter’s Day,” because of course. Oh and then toward the end Heaven gets what looks like a lifetime supply of Play-Doh—but I don’t know what happens afterward because at that point I passed out from cuteness overload.