"Holiday Inn" Hits Broadway

October 19, 2016

The latest show to grace the Great White Way? A throwback to Hollywood’s glamorous golden age. Inspired by the Academy Award–winning film, Holiday Inn features music and lyrics by Irving Berlin and tons of showstopping dance numbers choreographed by Denis Jones. DS caught up with a few of the stars to get the inside scoop.

“My favorite aspect of this show is that I get to dance my butt off! And I get to showcase the incredible tap choreography of Denis Jones, which has been so much fun to learn.”

—Corbin Bleu, who plays Ted

“I could dance this choreo all day every day! Denis has his own style—inspired by Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers—that’s a combo of sweeping, gliding movements and athletic, dynamic steps. ‘Heat Wave’ is my personal favorite. It has this Latin feel to it with super-fun lifts, fan-ography and lots of accents.”

—Shina Ann Morris, ensemble dancer

“Denis has modernized the old MGM musical style without losing any of the elements that made those films so wonderful to watch. The choreo is in the ground, it’s energetic, rhythmically complex and fun to do!”

—Kevin Worley, ensemble dancer

“My favorite thing about Holiday Inn is how exuberant and joyful the show is. It’ll be impossible for the audience to leave feeling depressed or upset!” —Samantha Sturm, ensemble dancer

Holiday Inn
opens on Oct. 6 at Studio 54. For ticket info head to roundabouttheatre.org.