#ICYMI: Here's the Drop-Dead Gorgeous Trailer for Sara Mearns' Só Dança Collab

December 9, 2017

Shut up and take my money!

This summer, we shared
that New York City Ballet principal Sara Mearns and dancewear outfitter Só Dança were teaming up for a capsule collection—and we promptly started saving up money to get the goods. (“Puffy coats for your calves” legwarmers? Sign. Us. Up!)

We never expected to be #blessed with a devastatingly beautiful short film as part of the bargain, but here we are: The clip follows Mearns as she warms up backstage, graciously greets a group of young ballerinas (who are just as star-struck as we are by now, tbh), and finally unleashes the casually incredible technique and artistry she’s become so well known for.

Can’t get enough of #SMxSD? Check out this other vid we unearthed—and check out the collection at your local dance store starting in January!