Ida's Advice for Future CMS Hopefuls

September 15, 2009

Ida’s Advice For Future CMS Hopefuls:

Take the Initiative:
Post your video! You can do something to help you stand out, like writing a letter to the editors, which is what I did. Make sure it includes everything that you would want to say if you got into the magazine.

Be Professional:
If you’re chosen as a semi-finalist, send good photos that portray your technique and style. Get everything in on time.

Let Yourself Grow:
If you’re one of the three finalists, be determined! Look at the other girls, try to pick out what makes them special and work those elements into your own dancing. Stand out by having your own style and knowing what you do best. Also, know your weaknesses, but don’t let them show. My weakness was probably having low confidence. Nicole told me how she used to struggle with low confidence and overcame it. Seeing how confident she was made me realize I could do it too. I put myself out there and didn’t look at my flaws as downfalls, but as stuff I needed work on to improve.