Kyle Hanagami Proves the "In My Feelings" Challenge Isn't Extinct

August 20, 2018

Hi guys. Are you sick of #InMyFeelingsChallenge videos cluttering your feed? Has your Aunt Linda started asking you about “that dance Will Smith did on a bridge“? Is the whole meme starting to seem a bit…done?

Well, genius choreographer Kyle Hanagami just achieved the seemingly impossible: He made a video that got us feeling feelings about “In My Feelings” again.

How? By putting his dancers in inflatable dinosaur suits. OBVIOUSLY.

For his take on the internet-destroying trend, Hanagami and his crew headed to Universal Studios Hollywood for a little Jurassic World-inspired hilarity. It’s about exactly as ridiculous, and delightful, as it sounds.

Kiki, do you love me…
darn you, Kyle. We’re back in it.