Inside "Miss Saigon"'s Most Intense Fight Choreo

July 13, 2017

If you’re anything like me, you’ve spent some serious time fantasizing about how cool it would be to become dance captain of a Broadway show. Just imagine having all of that choreography in your head, knowing every little detail of a musical’s moving parts! Until today, I’d never considered what it might be like to be a fight captain, but this amazing behind-the-scenes clip from Miss Saigon really got me thinking—and dreaming.

Earlier this week, TheaterMania got access to watch a pre-show fight call at the Broadway revival, where stars Jon Jon Briones (who plays baddie The Engineer), Nick Christopher (John, an American GI), and fight captain/ensemble member Julius Sermonia ran through a few of the most chaotic-looking action sequences. “It’s brutal choreography, in a sense that anything can happen,” Sermonia told TheaterMania. Well, that’s the magic of live musical theatre, right?!